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"It was Morg's birthday on Summer 3rd and Nasurin thought she'd make a cupcake for him. After many failed attempts, she finally made one that was somewhat edible and tracked the farmer boy down to give it to him ! Though... he ended up saying something which ticked her off and instead of responding with violence, she smushed the cake all over his face which he responded in turn--" 

FP gain + bday bonus = 400fp with Morgan ! log to be added later

2 shaded half body (2*300) + 100 bday bonus = 700G
yatta-- collab with kingkimochi !!! 

Feeling friendly, Nasurin invited Mimuro out for drinks after work was done! They probably had one too many drinks though... .

600 fp+ with Mimuro ! 


1300 G (from rp log) + 500 G (2 fully shaded, full body chibis) + 50 G (simple bg) = 1850 G
total gold = 4820 G


350 G + (fully shaded, full body)  

total gold = 2970 G
Nasurin Eclair Express Application by noizi
Nasurin Eclair Express Application

Nasurin Ophelie
Partial to the alias , Nas

Yak - Hybrid
5'0" - 105 lbs
A Fortune Teller
Winter 11th

"F-For me? ... You are too kind, this is my favourite !"
♥ - She loves sweets of any kind (cakes, candies, pies, cookies, ect.) all except for blueberry pie ! The ultimate gift for her would be strawberry shortcake with a dollop of ice cream. 

"Oh... Why thank you,"
✓ - She would get a kick out of recieving flowers and sweet smelling perfumes. Fresh fruit/produce would be accepted, however, she wouldn't know what to do with them.

"Oh... Thanks..."
X - She will accept but the disdain would be evident on her face if she is offered live fish or anything else found from the sea, like seaweed or urchins.

"No thanks,"
X - Anything smelly or gross, which includes most things you could find on the ground like rocks, weeds or ores. Even fertilizer

Her personality can only be described as an enigma, frequently she teases and prods people as she pleases and can be quite the bully to others and can take things a bit too far. She is exuberant at times and has a flair for the dramatic ; she is a natural performer. At other instances, however, she can be very low-energied and she's been known to sleep with her eyes open, or pretend to. She's fickle and impulsive which leads to some bad choices on her part but she tries not to let her emotions get the best of her. There are times however, due to her impulsiveness, that has led to some bad quick-thinking decisions on her part. She is bossy and demanding and acts like a spoiled brat. Despite this, she does have a tender side and she can be friendly to others, but whether or not this is a small glimpse to her real personality is unknown. She carries her mask rather well.

Her story is not a particularly extravagant or quite as fantastic as one would be led to believe ; she grew up in what she could say was a typical if superstitious household. Her family lived in a remote village in the mountains somewhere, with paranoid neighbours that'd buy whatever new thing that would ensure a good harvest or predict when the rain would come. Her parents made a pretty penny working together, her father as a travelling merchant (which he often brought home strange oddities from outlandish places), and her mother selling her divination services. Nasurin wasn't really sure if they worked, but she figured money was money.
    That didn't stop the ennuis, and one day from searching through the usual mail, she received a flyer for what seemed to be her ticket out of her hometown. A chance to re-invent herself ? Why not ? She would pack what luggage she had, and board the train and discover a new place ! Quietly, she packed her things and set off to board what would be the entrance to her new llife. 

- Even though she doesn't particularly believe in the supernatural, even though she has an odd affinity for her cards which she uses to predict people's fortunes. They are unlike any tarot cards anyone has seen, written instead with weird signs and runes.
- She likes to buy herself jewelry even though she's stingy with her money.
- She doesn't enjoy children all that much...
- Easily moved by other's emotions, she tries her best not to cry but she can't help being sensitive to other people's plights.
- She's a liar at times but even though she may be a great liar, she sometimes goes overboard and tells tall tales.
- Normally, she speaks properly but when she's nervous or under stress, she tends to use more slang. 

- She seems to not be who she seems... Under her usually dramatic facade, she seems almost like a different person. That's not to say she has another personality or anything, but she does hide her true self under all the pomf and parlour. 
- She can knit.
- In response to distress of any kind, she has a bad habit of resorting to physical violence.
- Well, her horns are very dangerous please use caution if you find yourself around her. ^p^ She has a tendency to lose balance very easily and you wouldn't want to get skewered...

also, i prefer rping over dA chats/notes ! 

Ee Secret Santa by noizi
Ee Secret Santa
AHHH !! Bunny-Hana i was your secret santa ! i hope you like it ;v;  ////////

400 G (full body, fully coloured, simple bg) + 200 G (ss bonus ! )  = 600 G
total = 2620 G


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